Contract Measurement Service

Si, SiC Wafer quality problems ?
  • Quality of purchased wafers is not good.
  • Quality inspection takes time.
  • Defective rate does not go down.

Clear quality measurement solves the problems!
We provide a clear evaluation of the wafer’s surface as well as its internal quality.

Flow of contract measurement

Flow of contract measurement
Flow of contract measurement
Please feel free to contact us!
Please give an overview of the sample.
We will us an estimate after confirming the measurement details.
Please send us the purchase order and the sample.
After receiving the sample, we will measure and analyze it in at the earliest one week or so.
We submit the measurement report.
Your sample will be returned.

Image of measurement report

The content of the report will change depending on the measurement content.
It is also possible to customize the measurement contents.
Please feel free to contact us!。


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