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Compound Semiconductor
Wafer Quality Inspection
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Service overview: Inspect the “invisible” crystal quality of semiconductor wafers!

For customers who develop and manufacture semiconductor wafers such as SiC (silicon carbide), GaN (gallium nitride) and Ga2O3 (gallium oxide), a major issue is how to inspect the quality of the semiconductor wafer crystals they have created. Generally, defect density is optically inspected, but semiconductor wafer crystal quality is affected not only by defect density but also by dopant concentration and other factors. Thus, it is necessary to conduct multifaceted quality inspections in parallel with optical quality inspection.

We have put into practical application a proprietary technology invented by Tohoku University called the HS-CMR method, an inspection method for semiconductor wafer crystal quality using an electrical approach. Our HS-CMR method enables inspecting the crystal quality of semiconductor wafers that cannot be seen with optical inspection methods.

In addition to manufacturing and sales of semiconductor wafer testers using the HS-CMR method, we also offer contracted services for quality inspection of semiconductor wafers using the HS-CMR method. We make it easy for customers to utilize the HS-CMR method by performing quality inspections on semiconductor wafers received from customers. We can handle as little as one piece of semiconductor wafer, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Examples of measurement results

Mapped data (α-value・β-value)

Mapped data (α-value・β-value)

The α and β values are displayed by color mapping, allowing
you to visually capture the distribution of crystal quality.

Measured data (CMR curve)


By graphing the actual measurements at each measurement point and comparing them with other measurement points, the characteristics of the wafer surface and interior can be captured.

Advantages of the HS-CMR method, an inspection method for semiconductor wafer crystal quality
Evaluation is possible with as-sliced wafers!

Quality inspection is possible even on pre-polished as-sliced wafers which cannot be inspected with optical inspection methods!

No etching process required!

Data correlating to the number of etch pits can be obtained for polished wafers without performing alkaline etching required by optical inspection methods!

Fast feedback!

Because testing can be performed without advanced pretreatment, test results can be returned in about one week after receiving the sample!

Comments from users who have tried the HS-CMR method
Development speed increased!

In the development of compound semiconductor ingots, easy evaluation of crystal quality has made it possible to quickly provide data feedback to crystal growth experiments and shorten the experiment cycle. (Power semiconductor crystal development)

The cause of defective processing was clarified!

Two ingots we received from a customer were sliced under the same conditions, but one was warped while the other was not. We had trouble handling this, but measurement using the HS-CMR method revealed that this defect was due to crystal quality. (Ingot processing materials manufacturer)

Academia supporting the
HS-CMR method
Kozo Fujiwara,Professor
Director and
Chief Technology Officer
Kozo Fujiwara,
Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University
星 裕介 准教授
Technical Advisor
Yusuke Hoshi,
Electrical, Electronics and
Communication Engineering,
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Tokyo City University
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